Friday, August 13, 2010


  • We do not accept late work in this course. Assignments are made available to everyone at the same time and are due at the same time. No credit will be given for late assignments. Exceptions to the late policy may be made on an emergency basis. If there is an upcoming event that will prevent your handing in your assignment at the assigned time, you must email a request to your TA no less than 24 hours in advance. Absences due to health problems are usually not exceptions unless you are hospitalized at the time the assignment was due.
  • Laboratory assignments will consist of short programs to be written in class. Lab work is due by the end of the lab meeting time and cannot be turned in later for credit.
  • Homework assignments are larger programs to be written outside of class. They are to be sent in electronically before the indicated time on the day they are due, and they must be done individually.
  • There will be three in-class tests (open book) during the semester as well as lab tests. The final exam will be cumulative.
  • If you miss a test you will get 0 on that test. If you have a properly documented excuse for your failure to attend the test, and I approve it, then that percentage of the grade will be added to the final test.
Lab Assignments20%
Lab Tests10%

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