Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chapter 1 Lecture

Below is the video lecture that you must watch before coming to class on Tuesday August 25. Notice that to get the full HD resolution (1280 by 720) you have to watch the video in fullscreen mode, click on the fullscreen icon on the bottom right of the video to go to fullscreen. You should read Chapter 1 of the textbook before watching the video.

As you watch this videos, as well as all future videos I will show, make sure you stop it often and try by yourself to repeat what I did on the video. This is the only way to learn: by doing. No one can learn to program by simply watching a lecture.

CSCE 145: Chapter 1 from Jose Vidal on Vimeo.

If you have trouble installing eclipse or Java on your laptop, or getting the "Hello World" program to run please come to class on Tuesday (with your laptop, if needed) so we can fix it. You can also get from your fellow CSE students by visiting the ACM Student Chapter room in the second floor of Swearingen. They will be posting tutoring hours on their door.

I am also embedding the slides for this chapter below. No, I did not use these slides in my lecture and I do not recommend you read these instead of reading the book. They are only useful as reminders of what you have already read.

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