Monday, September 14, 2009

Homework grading

Base on my experience of grading homework 1, I got some explanations and requirements for the future homework.

0. Please use the format "CSCE145 - HW# - YOURNAME" as the subject.

1. Please send homework to Yi Xian ( only) OR Xu Sun ( only).

2. Please send the .java file, NOT the .class file.

3. If you want to get full credits, please use the test cases provided in the homework descriptions to test your program before submitting it.

4. Your program should be able to executed at least(no syntax or grammar error).

5. If you sent a unfinished program, you will get very low credits or even 0.

6. If you modified or failed to handle any input format, you will lose credits, 1 or more.

7. If your program failed in any test cases, you will lose credits.

8. You can ask for the detailed reason why you lost credits for your homework in the lab session.

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