Friday, December 4, 2009

Screencasts: kinda useful

The result of my little screencast survey thus far is:

Were the screencasts useful to you?

So, slightly more useful than not. Most of the people who did not find them usefull did not leave comments. But, one did express a preference for textbook. I too prefer to learn new programming languages by sitting back with a book, so I definitely sympathisze.

Someone else pointed out that he could not ask me a question when he got to a part he did not understand and would forget by the time class came around. In class I suggested students should send me a quick email (or IM) when they came across some part of the video that confused them and I would answer these in class, but I only received a couple of emails during the semester.

Someone who liked them felt it is good to actually see things getting done. This is why I like watching screencasts of, say, using the Google App Engine, and I thought more students would mention it. But only one did.

In any case, the survey is still open so fill it out if you haven't! The graph above will automatically update to show your vote. Isn't software wonderful!

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