Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LabTest3 -- Section 5

1) First Line : 10 -- Number of Employees to be added to an ArrayList
2) 10 Lines follow -- each line corresponds to data on an Employee
    Employee Data Format :
3) Line 12 : 4 -- Number of names to search in ArrayList
4) 4 Names follow 
5) Line 17 : 3 -- Number of names to remove from the ArrayList
6) 3 Names follow

7) Check the Output File to see what to display.

Things To Do:
a) Read the data from the Input File
b) Store informattion about each employee in an ArrayList
c) Calculate the Average Salary
d) Read the names which are to be searched to see if they are contained in the list
    If contained in the list then print whether salary above or below average salary
e) Read the names which are to be removed from the ArrayList
   if contained in the list then remove them.
f) Finally display the Final List.

** Check the Output File for the Output Format

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