Monday, January 9, 2012

Online Resources for Learning Programming

I created a bunch of screencasts (link also on the right sidebar under "Videos") which I will be posting here as we cover the relevant material. However, if you don't like my screencasts you have a plethora of other choices. Below I list the ones I've found that I like the most.
  1. Our textbook has a website which you can log in using the code written inside the textbook. Once logged in you can watch the videos they provide.
  2. The New Boston has a long list of Java screencasts similar to mine, but with a Boston accent.
  3. The Khan Academy, of course, has a bunch of computer science videos. He uses Python.
  4. Hacker CS has videos on Java and data structures. Most of what they have right now is too advanced for 145 (but perfect for CSCE 146).
  5. Harvard's CS 50 is the fourth largest class at Harvard. It covers C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML. You can view the lectures online. They are awesome.
  6. MIT's 6.00 is their intro to programming class. They have their lectures online. They use Python.
  7. Stanford has CS 101, which you can sign up for free. It starts on February 2012.
  8. Codeacademy has a really cool webapp for teaching JavaScript. They are also hosting codeyear.

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