Saturday, February 4, 2012

Test Grading Rubric

The grading rubric for the lab tests is as follows:

  • If it works for all inputs and has the student's name and email and is reasonable code, then 100.
  • If the program works but does it in a very silly way, like hard-coding gigantic Strings and printing them out instead of using a for loop to generate the String, then it will get at most 50.
  • If it works for almost all inputs, or is almost perfect: 90:
  • If it works for some inputs, or mostly works for all inputs: 80
  • It if works for at least 1 input, or does something reminiscent of what we asked for: 70
  • If it does not compile then it will get at most 50.
  • If the program consists only of a main and the usual Scanner lines: 10.

For the in-class test (handwritten) the rubric is similar except that I will not be taking points off for missing details like: missing imports, semicolons, closing braces, etc. Still, you should try to make your code as close to compilable as possible to ensure it is not ambiguous (thus, wrong).

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