Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Volunteer VM Testers Needed

Our IT department is testing out a remote virtual machine hosting solution. In it you use your computer to connect and use the software that is running in a second computer which is actually running on a server somewhere in Swearingen and is a virtual machine. A virtual machine is what you get when you turn a computer into a software program, so one physical machine can run many virtual machines. For example, I showed you on my Mac laptop how I can run a Windows7 virtual machine, and switch back and forth between them. In that scenario my mac was the host and the windows machine was a virtual machine. I could have had more windows machines (or Linux), as long as I had enough RAM.

If you want to test their setup, and see if you can run eclipse on the virtual machine and actually do one of the labs or homeworks in it, just follow these instructions. If there are any issues or problems report them to Naik Himanshu <himanshu@cec.sc.edu>.

This will take time, so please only do it if you feel comfortable with your work in class.

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